e-Legend Corporate

YourCard Legend corporate works on a B2B basis offering companies a wide range of services. Companies can take advantage of our discount services and pre-paid card services for all their business travel and medical tourism needs.

The Legend Corporate Card is for businesses who wish to send employees abroad for tourism, education, training or medical treatment. With Legend Corporate Card, you can be rest assured that your company will only pay for expenses you have agreed upon and have authorised. As Legend Corporate Card is a pre-paid card, you can simply add credit to the desired amount and let us do the rest.

e-Legend Corporate

Your best friend when you travel

e-Legend Corporate deals with all your corporate travel needs.

You specify which transactions can be made using the card, for example, hospital treatment, accommodation, educational fees etc and our advanced software system will only authorise such transactions. Not only will your company receive YourCard discounts but you can also be secure in the knowledge that only transactions you personally authorised can be made.

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