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1. Parties a) JAZICO TRAVEL & MEDICAL SERVICES S owns web site, residing at address Main Office Kocatepe Mah.Topçu Caddesi Asri Apt.No.8Kat .3 D.9 Taksim (hereinafter will be referred as “Jazico”) b) the user sign in the web site as a Member (“Member”)

2. Scope of the Agreement The scope of the hereby contract is the provisions of the use of the Jazico’s website by the Member.

3. Rights and Obligations

3.1. Member declares and undertakes that all information which is given by the user to be a member, is accurate by Law and to compensate for all damages caused by this kind of misstatement in-kind and in-cash.

3.2. Member shall not share the password with the third parties or institution which is given by Jazico and the use of the password only belongs to the member in person. Jazico has right to demand any compensation or such rights against all kind of claims and demands of third person or authority in case of such unauthorized use.

3.3. Member agrees and undertakes to comply with the Law and not to breach any regulation while using website. In the contrary, all legal obligations shall bind the Member solely and exclusively.

3.4. Member shall not use website for an act contrary to public policy, general moral principles, offensive and harassing, for the illegitimate purposes by infringing third person’s intellectual property rights and copyrights. Furthermore member shall not be involved in any activities which are preventive and inconvenience to use of the website by the other members such as spam, virus, trojan etc. 3.5. All declared, written and used opinions and thoughts on the website belong to the Members and they just bind their owner. Jazico has no concern and connection with these opinions and thoughts. Jazico disclaims any liabilities for the third party’s loss by the opinion and the thoughts declared by the member or the Member loss by the opinion and the thoughts declared by the third person.

3.6. Jazico diclaims any liabilities for any loss of Member’s software and data because unauthorized person’s acts. Member accepts in advance not to claim any compensation based on use of the website. JAZICO has no liability to control and analyze whether content is against law.

3.7. Member accepts not to reach the software and data of the other users without any consent and not to use these. In the contrary, the member shall be liable any loss incurred by this.

3.8. Any breach of any articles of this Agreement, Member shall be legally liable in person. Furthermore, in case of this breach is submitted to the jurisdiction, Jazico has right to claim any compensation to the Member regarding the breach of the Agreement.

3.9. Jazico has right to delete the membership of the Member, delete Member’s file, data and information solely. Member accepts this in advance. In this case Jazico has no liability.

3.10. Jazico owns the software and design of the web site and its copyright and/or other intellectual property rights protected by Law and these cannot be used, acquired and changed by any Member. All other companies and products are trademarks and they are protected by Law.

3.11. Jazico may collect information such as IP address, access date and time to the web site, web sites visited through the web site to improve and promote the web site regarding the Law.

3.12. Jazico may use its members’ information to provide better service, products and improve its services, facilitate the use of the web site Member oriented activities. Member consent that its personal information can be used in this context by affirming the Agreement. Jazico has right to keep all moves’s record on the web site

3.13. Member declares and agrees to consent that Jazico and its affiliates can promote products and services, share commercials, campaigns, advantages, surveys and the other customer satisfaction oriented services. Member declares and agrees to consent that its personal data which was given beforehand while applying for membership and/or by other ways and/or its personal data will be given, can be collected by Jazico and shared with its affiliates, used by its affiliates and archieved. Unless the Member declares and accepts otherwise, it consents to its data will be collected, shared with Jazico’s affiliates, used and archieved by Jazico’s affiliates after expiration of the membership. Unless the Member declares and accepts otherwise, it consents to be connected via internet, phone, SMS etc. by Jazico and its affiliates. Member has right to notify to Jazico in writing if it does not want to be connected via internet, phone, SMS and etc. by Jazico and its affiliates. Member declares and agrees that Jazico and its affiliates shall not be liable and Member shall not claim any demand regarding collected data, to share, use, archive the data. In case the Member desires to change its preferences on data sharing procedure, Member may notify Jazico by sending an e-mail.

3.14. Jazico may disclose Member’s personal data to fulfill legal obligations or in case of the necessity (a) to act legally or to fulfill legal procedures; (b) to protect and defend Jazico’s and its web site’s rights and its property.

3.15. Jazico takes all due measures to protect the web site against viruses and such harmful software. Additionally user is obliged to provide its own virus protective system and necessary protections. In this context, Member accepts that it is liable for all system failure and its outcomes by accessing the web site.

3.16. Jazico reserves its right to update the context of web site any time, change or terminate services or delete registered members information and data.

3.17. Jazico may change, update or terminate the terms of user agreement without any prior notice at any time. Changed, updated or terminated terms shall be effective on its published date for all members.

3.18. Parties accepts and declares that Jazico’s computer records shall be considered as evidence regarding the article 193 of the Turkish Code of Civil Procedure 6100 numbered and evidential agreement.

4. Termination

This Agreement shall be effective until the termination of the membership by the Member or by Jazico. Jazico can terminate Member’s membership and the Agreement solely in case of any breach of any terms herein the Agreement by member. Jazico shall keep all information and the documents regarding the User Agreement, right of withdrawal, briefing, delivery and other obligations for three years.

5. Governing Law and Settlement of Disputes This Agreement and its Annexes shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Turkish Laws without reference to the other laws. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement and its Annexes shall be finally settled by the Istanbul Merkez Courts and Bailiff’s Offices.

However, disputes based on Consumer Law and if its price is less than 2.320-TL arbitration committee for consumer problems in providences shall be competent jurisdiction authority, if its price is between 2.320-TL and 3.480-TL arbitration committee for consumer problems in counties shall be competent jurisdiction authority in provinces. For the disputes with higher prices than 3.480-TL it is obliged to apply to the court.

In case of any disputes User Agreement in Turkish shall be applied.

6. Effective Date By signing in as a Member, it is considered as Member has read and consent all articles of User Agreement. This Agreement shall be deemed to have come into effect with the Membership.